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Today in history, in Sylvania, Ohio, in 1978:

The Sylvania Sentinel, the weekly newspaper for Sylvania City and Township for most of the 20th century, was published every Wednesday during it's last decades of keeping Sylvanians informed.

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On Wednesday, February 1, 1978, the Sentinel hit the newsstands.  It was the first issue published since the Blizzard of '78 had struck.

Featured in the hometown paper, a six-pack of returnable Pepsi bottles was 99 cents at Kroger, Lane's had Crest on sale for 74 cents, if you stopped in at A & P you could grab the latest McCall's Recipe Card for your collection, and at Sautter's the fresh meatloaf mix was on sale, thirty cents off, only $1.29.

And Sylvania's firefighters were front page news, along with a few remarkable tales of good deeds that emerged from the snow.

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Sylvania Sentinel
February 1, 1978

“Blizzard of ‘78” brings out good guys and gals
By Sue Christmyer

All kinds of interesting and heart warming events occurred during the “Blizzard of ‘78.”

To recount all of them would take pages and pages.  Here are two that proved to be the most interesting.

Dan Braithwaite of Gio Reality heard a request on the air that Dave Bright wanted to help and if anyone had an office or place where there were more than two telephone lines, he would like to use the facilities.

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Mr. Braithwaite opened the Gio office at 6433 Monroe St., at 9:00 p.m. Friday and things really got started.

Estimates are that they assisted 300 people as of Saturday.

The crew of over 20 volunteers assisted with relocating people whose homes were without heat, helped set up churches, and homes were people could be placed temporarily, and rushed a little girl to the hospital who had fallen and almost severed her tongue.

They took nurses to the hospital via four-wheel drive vehicles and took others home who had been stranded for hours.

Mr. Braithwaite reported that Foodtown had donated food which the volunteers were delivering and McDonald’s donated 250 Big Macs which were already distributed to the needy and hungry.

Over $500 worth of gasoline was donated for the drivers’ use “which was really not enough but appreciated.”  People even dropped off gas at the Gio office for the use of drivers.

Mary McDonald headed a volunteer group at Trilby Methodist Church and another valuable one was located at St. Patrick’s in Heatherdowns.

The group at Gio’s was planning to shut down at midnight Friday but continued working, also in conjunction with the MP group at the Armory on Secor Rd.

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Some of the volunteers hadn’t slept in 40 hours, Mr. Braithwaite noted, but everyone kept on the job.  “It was a good feeling,” he concluded, “being able to help those in need.”

A pediatrician in the area, when informed that a mother could not get her cystic fibrosis child to his office, made a surprise house call, recommended prescriptions, went to the pharmacy, acquired and took them back to the grateful mother. 

See, everyone wasn’t out to make money during the “Blizzard of ‘78.”  There were reports of some over charging but these two examples of “Love Thy Neighbor” over-rode the bad reports.

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blizzard of 78 1978 Sylvania Ohio
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Blizzard of 78 Sylvania Ohio