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Supernatural and true crime mysteries from today meet long-lost, humorous-to-horrifying tales from Ohio's past.

Get ready to encounter hauntings, witchcraft, and mysterious & murderous mayhem.


  • Over 400 pages of newly unearthed authentic, original tales.

  • Game-changer for history buffs and ghost hunters alike.


"If you enjoy strange history and forgotten mysteries from all over Ohio and beyond, then this book should be on your shelf! Seriously, this 400+ page book is SOLID! This is easily going to become my number one reference book for Ohio's odd and unusual history! There are a TON of true-life tales in this book that I've never even heard of, and I thought I had heard them all."
-Christopher Tillman,
Director of the PBS documentary "Legends of the Heartland" and co-founder of Haunted Toledo.


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