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Sylvania Sentinel Sidewalk Sale
Sylvania Sentinel; February 1, 1978
Sylvania Sentinel
Halloween Sampling
Sylvania Sentinel
Daily Toledo Blade
Sylvania Sentinel
Sylvania Sentinel
The Archive Project is an ambitious endeavor fueled by the love Sylvania City & Township residents have for their community---past and present!  The process of uploading newspapers, vintage photos, and documents, in addition to cataloguing them all, started in 2020 when the COVID crisis brought to the forefront the need to have a public online archive of local history that can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere.  Collaborating with Sylvania Schools, Toledo Lucas-County Library officials, and Ohio Memory, plans are in place for the treasure in the Sylvania Schools "vault" to also be uploaded here for public viewing (yearbooks, photos, student newspapers back to the early 1900's), with internships offered to journalism and history students interested in preserving Sylvania's past.

Sylvania History Buffs also sponsors the Sylvania community newsletter and Sylvania News.  So in addition to preserving the news of yesteryear, your paid membership provides for the important work of sharing today's news, with the only online, local, and independent news & information resource for Sylvania City & Township.  Serving the community since 2013, Sylvania News accepts no paid advertising, instead sharing news and announcements for local businesses, organizations, and non-profits completely free of charge---Along with the occasional emergency alerts, blizzard warnings,
road closures, and, sometimes, as in 2014, a few "Don't drink the water!" messages. 
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